The ninth Bašta Fest, an international short feature film festival in Bajina Bašta, started on Thursday, June 30th. Over the next four days, a selection of 24 films from 15 countries awaits, five of which are from Serbia and ten from the region.

The jury – Dušan Kasalica (director), Marta Bjelica (actress), Lana Matić (producer and selector of the Zagreb Film Festival) – will decide on the winners of the awards: Golden Imagination for Best Film, Golden Interpretation for Best Male and Female Role, as well as up to two special awards. Bojana Andrić, director of photography from Serbia, will decide on the award for the best camera, Golden Visualization, created with the support of Cineplanet rentals. During the festival’s four days, Bašta Pitch workshop will be held with 10 participants from Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia. Bašta Pitch is the first workshop within the Balkan Short Film Network.

The jury of the Bašta Fest 9
Jovan Jelisavčić and Maja Šuša
Mladen Sovilj

During the opening of the festival, the founders Jovan Jelisavčić and Maja Šuša addressed the audience, and Mladen Sovilj opened the ninth Bašta Fest. “This is the kind of festival that nurtures courage and a certain dose of cute cheekiness, which make it perfectly in touch with itself and the nature”, said Sovilj.