In 2019, Bašta Fest launched a radio show called “In your garden” – about film and other initiatives, which is now entering its third season. The show “In your garden” consists of conversations with brave and persistent individuals/collectives who start their projects, and work on decentralization and spreading cultural awareness throughout Serbia. We will explore how difficult it is to embark on such feats, as well as in what form satisfaction comes after the goal has been achieved. We will find out what we need to support, visit, look at, listen to. The author and host of the show is the Artistic Director of the festival Maja Šuša. You can listen to us live on the Radio Aparat every other Friday at 5 pm, and after the broadcast, you will be able to find all the episodes on our website and the Mixcloud of the Radio Aparat. The show is in Serbian, so links for all episodes you can find on the Serbian version of this page.