Sixth Bašta fest
4 July – 7 July, 2019

You can check this year’s official poster of the festival, as well as detailed film and music programs, by clicking on the images.

The 6th Bašta Fest was opened by actress Isidora Simijonović.

Closing film: “The Witch Hunters“ (dir. Raško Miljković, Serbia).


Programmers of Bašta Fest’s competition programme: Nikola Ljuca (film director) and Maja Šuša (actress and Basta Fest Artistic Director).


The jury comprised of: Dragana Varagić, Raško Miljković and Carla Fotea, handed out the following awards:

Golden Imagination (Best Film): film “Lunar Orbit Rendevous” (dir. Melanie Charbonneau, Canada)
jury’s explanation: The magical realism of this film moved not only us but the entire audience as well. Quirky characters, bittersweet atmosphere and intelligent use of sound design made this film stand out among other very well-made shorts. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we unanimously decided to award „Golden Imagination“ for the best film to “Lunar Orbit Rendezvous” by the director Melanie Charbonneau.

Golden Indication (Best Director): Alexander Sagmo for the film “Sound of the unexpected death” (Denmark)
Jury’s explanation: A tragically beautiful film, with precise timing and a perfectly controlled rhythm that reminds us of the ever-shocking imminency of death. The award „Golden Indication“ for best director goes to Alexander Sagmo for the film “The Sound of Unexpected Death”. 

Golden Interpretation (Best Actress): Sofia Kokkali, for the role of Sofia in the film “Hector Malot: The last day of the year” (dir. Jacqueline Lentzou, Greece)
Jury’s explanation: The award for the best female performance “Golden Interpretation” was a unanimous decision. For her unique and authentic presence on camera and power to convey strong emotion through very delicate expressions we’ve decided to award Sofia Kokkali for her performance in “Hector Malot: the last day of summer”.

Golden Interpretation (Best Actor): Uroš Aziraj, for playing Mile in the film “Mooch” (dir. Ivan Bukvić, Serbia)
Jury’s explanation: For his ability to ensnare the audience into every scene, and deliver such a mesmerizing performance, for his natural charisma, we’ve unanimously decided to award Uros Aziraj „Golden Interpretation“ for the best male performance for the role of Mile in “Mooch”.

Golden Inspiration (Best Screenplay): Charles Habib Drouot for the film “Queen Crocodile“ (dir. Charles Habib Drouot, Belgium)
jury’s explanation: This study on the theme of immigration caught our attention due to its original approach, skillfully inserted mystical elements and the carefully constructed mystery around a clash of cultures. The award for best script “Golden Inspiration” goes to screenwriter and director Charles Habib-Drouot for “Queen Crocodile”.

Special mentions went to:

screenwriter Daisy Sadler for the film „Black Forest“ (dir. Jean-Marc E. Roy and Philippe David Gagne, France)

Jury’s explanation: We would like to award the special mention for the script to “Black Forest” and screenwriter Daisy Sadler by directors Jean-Marc E. Roy and Philippe David Gagné. The absurdity of the story mimics many aspects of real life, packaged into a very well-crafted stylized murder reconstruction that takes the audience on a very weird but compelling journey.

actors Bas Keizer and Gijs Blom for the film „Dante vs Mohammed Ali“ (dir. Marc Vagenaar, Netherlands)
Jury’s explanation: A queer love story brilliantly acted – fragility, innocence, and physicality all masterfully used by these two young actors to give a very accurate depiction of how we all felt when we were first in love. A special mention for acting goes to Bas Keizer and Gijs Blom for the roles Wolf and Alexander in the short film „Dante vs Mohammed Ali“.

The jury comprised of: Aleksandar Ilić, handed out the awards:

Golden Visualization (Best Camera) to Milica Drinić for the film “The Foreign body” (dir. Dušan Zorić, Serbia).
This award was included and handed out for the first time in 2016 with support from the rental house Cineplanet.

Jury’s explanation: „The Foreign body“ has a clear, precise and brave concept that follows and contributes to telling the story in the best way“.

Special mention for cinematography: Sam Du Pon for the film „The summer and all the rest“ (dir. Sven Bresser, Netherlands)


The Youth Jury comprised of Nikolina Zečević, Ivan Đurić and Saška Jevremović, handed out the award:
Youth Jury Award (Best Film): “Mooch” (dir. Ivan Bukvić, Srbija)

Jury’s explanation: Film „Mooch“ presents a realistic, emotional story that is happening increasingly more often and that people rarely notice, which leads to a tragic end. While the film awakes a range of emotions, empathy dominates. Actors carried it in the best way, considering their age.

Bašta Fest handed out the award:
Bašta Honor, to the humanitarian association „Dobročinitelj“ for a huge contribution to the field of humanitarian work in this region.


Set Design
Number of participants: 2
30 June – 3 July, 2018

How Do We Watch
Number of participants: 7
Location: Main square (at café „Bašta“)
Time: 4 July – 7 July, from 10:30 a.m.

The “Set Design” workshop involved the creation of various spaces aiming to visually activate the space and allow the Bajina Bašta locals and guests of the festival to use that space to take photographs during the festival. The spaces created were aesthetically different and separate installments, involving parts of costumes and props to be used for the photos, all with a different film genre theme. The materials used were various usable objects and parts of the furniture that can be recycled. The workshop participants were Milena Grosin and Nađa Vukorep, students at the department for Scene architecture, technology, and design at the FTN in Novi Sad, and were mentored by Selena Orb.


The sixth Bašta fest, with the support of Film Center Serbia, has introduced a new industry program – a free workshop for project pitching meant for young film directors from Serbia – Bašta Pitch!

From the selected applicants, mentor Mina Đukić has chosen five projects and the film directors have worked with her and our guest lecturer Milan Stojanović in order to prepare the final pitch (presentation) which happened on the final day of the festival when the jury chose the winner. The winner of the first Bašta Pitch is Nikola Polić, with his project “Organisms” which received financial support of 500€ to kickstart the realization. The jury members of the programme were festival selector Nikola Ljuca, mentor Mina Đukić and film producer Jovana Karaulić. The participants of the first Bašta Pitch were:
„Organizmi“ – Nikola Polić
„Mesečarenje“ – Jovan Dimoski
„Dva sveta“ – Tamara Broćić
„Tupo probadanje“ – Aleksa Mihajlović
„Nasledstvo“ – Nemanja Novosel


Coffee with authors
Location: café „Bašta“
Time: 5 July – 7 July 2018, starting at 10.30 a.m.

Festival network

Guest festivals: Short Waves Film Festival, international short film festival, Poznan, Poland


Jovan Jelisavčić – Founder and Executive Director of the Festival
Maja Šuša – Founder and Artistic Director of the Festival
Nikola Ljuca – Film programmer
Aleksandar Karaulić – Technical director
Martina Krivokapić – Festival’s main organizer
Milica Milosavljević – Design and prepress
Maša Seničić – Educational Programme Coordinator
Ana Kostić – Media and social network manager
Dunja Jovanović – Marketing and PR
Stefan Saveski – Music programme coordinator
Lena Radulović – Guest service manager
Jovana Jankov – Bašta Pitch coordinator
Kosta Ilić – Organizer
Vuk Papić – Photo & video team coordinator
Boško Vujić – Open air and music stage coordinator
Branko Mijanović – Technical department assistant
Andrijana Milutinović – Fundraising manager

 Photo & video team:
Vuk Papić
Milica Cvetković
Emilija Popović
Milena Arsenić
Zoran Raćić
Marina Ilić
Jana Anđić

Natalija Šacka