Third Bašta fest
30 June – 3 July, 2016

You can see the festival’s official poster, as well as detailed film and music programmes, by clicking on the images.

The third Bašta Fest was opened by actor Marko Janketić.

Closing night:  “Humidity” (dir. Nikola Ljuca, Serbia).


Selectors of the competition programme of the third Bašta Fest: Ognjen Glavonić (film director) and Luka Bursać (film director).


The jury comprised of: Miloš Miša Radivojević, Amila Terzimehić, Mina Đukić, handed out the following awards:

Golden Imagination (Best Film): film “The Disco” (dir. Ofir Raul Graizer and Teresita Ugarte, Chile)
Golden Indication (Best Director): Cecilia Kang for the film “Videogames” (dir. Cecilia Kang, Argentina)
Golden Interpretation (Best Actress): Jovana Stojiljković, for roles in the films: “One Night” (dir. Strahinja Savić, Serbia) and “The City” (dir. Maša Šarović, Serbia)
Golden Interpretation (Best Actor): Vladimir Gvojić, for roles in the films “Last Call” (dir. Milena Grujić, Serbia) and “The City” (dir. Maša Šarović, Serbia)
Golden Inspiration (Best Screenplay): Berangere McNeese for the film “The Sleep of Amazons” (dir. Berangere McNeese, Belgium)
Special awards went to the films“Picnic” (dir. Jure Pavlović, Croatia) and “Bombard the Headquarters” (dir. Stepan Grusha, Russia)

The jury comprised of: Damjan Radovanović, handed out the award:
Golden Visualization (Best Camera) to Ivan Marković for the film “Backyards” (dir. Ivan Salatić, Serbia).
This award was included and handed out for the first time in 2016 with support from the rental house Cineplanet.

The Youth Jury comprised of: Sofija Petrović, Anđa Radulović, Aleksandra Urošević, handed out the award:
Youth Jury Award (Best Film): “Backwards” (dir. Nikola Zdravković, Serbia)

Bašta Fest handed out the award:
Bašta Personality to Nenad Marić, for the contribution of an individual to the promotion of Bajina Bašta and the entire region.


To cut it short, short film / Workshop for scouts from the “Bajina Bašta” Squad
2 June – 5 June, 2016 / Scout Centre “Zaovine” on Tara

To cut it short, short film is a free educational film workshop for students of later elementary school grades, conceived as an intensive four-day programme during which short lectures are held, with the outcome being a process of creating a short feature film. The co-ordinator and author of the workshop is Maša Seničić, and other lecturers that participated were: Raško Miljković (film director), Ana Danilović (camera operator), Mihajlo Radović (camera operator and sound designer). To cut it short, short film is a workshop that was held for the first time in 2015, with excellent results and to the mutual satisfaction of the children and the festival. The cooperation was expanded in 2016 to the scouting squad “Bajina Bašta”, since this was the ideal way to combine nature with an educational programme intended for school-age children in an environment that is well-known to the young scouts. This kind of programme enables an exciting exchange of ideas and dedication of team members, and ten participants watched and analyzed together with the lecturers a number of films in an improvised cinema. Scouts from the “Bajina Bašta” squad are authors of a film which is a result of the workshop, and this short film entitled “Scout Challenge” was shown at the closing of the third Garden Fest at Lake Perućac.


Photographs were exhibited on tree trunks in Borići Park, showing nature in specially created frames modelled on windows from the village of Zaovine on the mountain Tara. These authentic frames were created by the “Prozor” gallery, whose only products are these handmade windows with a view of photographed landscapes of Bajina Bašta and the region. Wooden windows with a classical appearance and form are typical for the area of the Tara Mountain, and the village Zaovine. They are small in size, decorated simplistically, reinforced, and painted with simple basic colours. All windows are handmade in a small workshop in Bajina Bašta, and traditional tools are used when crafting them.


Jovan Jelisavčić – Founder and Executive Director of the Festival
Maja Šuša – Founder and Artistic Director of the Festival
Maša Seničić – Creative Director and Educational Programme Coordinator
Ognjen Glavonić and Luka Bursać – Competition programme selectors
Aleksandar Karaulić – Technical Director
Vladimir Đurić – Organiser and coordinator of the technical sector
Milica Milosavljević – Design and prepress
Nikola Puzigaća – Festival’s visual identity
Marko Mladenović – Photo & video team coordinator
Ana Kostić – Media and social network manager
Tijana Drakulić – Guest service manager
Jelena Vorkapić – Film programme coordinator
Pavle Jakičić – Marketing manager and PR
Nikola Vasiljević – Music programme coordinator
Boško Vujić – Assistant organiser and volunteer coordinator
Branko Mijanović – Technical department assistant

Photo & video team:
Vladimir Đurić
Vuk Papić
Igor Lazić
Vladislav Andrejević
Milica Cvetković
Milica Drinić