In 2017, Bašta Fest started Festival network.  This programme, which represents the first step towards establishing Bašta Fest’s growing networking within the industry, focuses on the festival itself and its connection with festivals from the region, Europe and the whole world. The first step in building up this network was setting up a collaboration with FeKK from Ljubljana 2017. On the fifth edition of the festival, Bašta fest screened the programme Timikids from Timishort film festival from Timisoara, Romania. Festival network is the first step in creating an industrial space that opens the door to future conferences, screenings, exchanging experiences related to selection, internal organization and other festival aspects.


FeKK Ljubljana short film festival was established by young film enthusiasts, film critics and amateur filmmakers gathered at the Slovenian Cinematheque under the name Kraken (short film promotion society) which organized the K3 Ljubljana film festival. There had been no international short film festival in Slovenia, and the team decided to establish one, with a special focus on Ex-Yugoslav countries and South-eastern Europe. The festival has two competition programmes: FeKK-Yu (Ex-Yugoslav countries without Slovenia) and FeKK-Slo. FeKK also has specially curated programmes: retrospectives and fekkstival (guest festival). A special section for new, fresh and unique authors called Instant kult is also being developed. Every year, FeKK shows short films nominated for the European Film Award. During last year’s festival, the new programme was called East of Eden – short films from the countries of South-eastern Europe and beyond.

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Timishort Film Festival was born, like many good ideas, over a coffee in 2009. The festival team promoted, even from the beginnings, author films (film d’hauteur), making an emphasis on national and/or international premiers. The Timishort FF competitions are National Competition, International Competition, Videorama (experimental film section) and TimiKids (short films for children from 6 to 14 years old). The main goal was to bring back the magic of watching a film on the big screen, which are rarely present in Romania, apart from multiplexes.

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Since its birth in 2017, Il Varco Film Festival committed to a deep and thoughtful sifting of the international short film panorama, trying to showcase a selection that is able to portray the actual variety in languages, forms, innovations and genre films that is today independent cinema. The festival team try to find these new directors by looking not for just one sign, but for many good omens at once: a peculiar management of the film’s rhythm; an original aesthetic form; deep, metaphorical writing; the tendency to speak about one’s own peculiar vision of the world. All of this should converge in films that are able to release a very strong and deep emotional and intellectual pull in the spectator. 

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Burgas International Film Festival is one of the most important Bulgarian film festivals. For the last 7 years, the month of July has become a regular fixture for thousands of art cinema lovers coming from all over the globe. All participants and guests are welcome to participate in a large variety of exciting events: art exhibitions, master classes, presentations, parties, as well as the award ceremony and various meetings with directors, actors and producers.

All events are free and open to the public. The festival is considered a prestigious cultural event in a bothnational and international scale. It is a long-awaited gathering for those who appreciate quality movie productions and those who are eager to discover new authors, productions and tendencies in the cinemauniverse.

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