2nd Bašta fest
02. July – 05. July 2015.

You can see the festival’s official poster, as well as detailed film and music programmes, by clicking on the images.

The Second Bašta Fest was opened by actor Slaven Došlo.

Opening night: “Twosome” (dir. Maša Nešković, Serbia)

Closing night:  “No One’s Child” (dir. Vuk Ršumović, Serbia)


Selector of the competition programme of the second Bašta Fest: Ognjen Glavonić (film director).


The jury comprised of: Nevio Marasović, Luna Zimić Mijović, Nikola Ljuca, handed out the following awards:

Golden Imagination (Best Film): film “With Many Things to Come” (dir. Jelena Gavrilović, Serbia)
Golden Indication (Best Director): Đurđija Radivojević for the film “If the Sheep Were Pink” (dir. Đurđija Radivojević, Serbia)
Golden Interpretation (Best Actress): Milica Trifunović and Ivana Vuković, in the film: “These Days” (dir. Nenad Tesla, Serbia)
Golden Interpretation (Best Actor): Jovan Živanović, Mladen Sovilj and Dimitrije Dinić, in the film “These Days” (dir. Nenad Tesla, Serbia)
Golden Inspiration (Best Screenplay): Ena Sendijarević and Guido Hendrikx for the film “Fernweh” ( dir. Ena Sendijarević, the Netherlands)
Special award for the film: “Paradigm” (dir. Dean Radovanović, Serbia)
Special award for best camera work: Igor Đorđević for the film “Moonless Summer” (dir. Stefan Ivančić, Serbia)

The Youth Jury comprised of: Bojana Vujić, David Bućić, Jelena Glišić, Jelena Katanić, handed out the award:
Youth Jury Award (Best Film): “My Sense of Modesty” (dir. Sébastien Bailly, France)


To cut it short, short film / Workshop for elementary school students from Bajina Bašta
14 June – 18 June, 2015 / “Kultura” institution

To cut it short, short film is a free educational film workshop conceived as a four-day programme whose focus is the process of creating a short feature film. In a time that enables affordable recording equipment to all curious authors, it is necessary to provide basic knowledge regarding film making and to establish the basics of critical thinking among the youngest. Through a type of instructed game, participants also have the opportunity to learn about teamwork, as well as the responsibility of being members of a film crew in which everyone has their own responsibilities. The idea is to give them insight into what a creative process looks like from the beginning to the end – all of this directly from the experience of young film professionals with whose help the participants get answers to various questions. The coordinator and author of the workshop is Maša Seničić (screenwriter), and the lecturers are Raško Miljković (film director), Nemanja Veselinović (camera operator) and Mihajlo Radović (camera operator and sound designer). The workshop’s product is a short feature film whose authors are elementary school pupils, and this achievement entitled “Runaways” was premiered at the closing of the second Bašta Fest, in the curated part of the programme.

Box – packaging imagination
Workshop coordinator: Darinka Mihajlović (costume designer)

As part of this visual arts workshop, participants get to know the history of TV receivers and TV programmes, together with the process of transferring images from studios to TV devices, as well as various types of TV programmes. The creative part implies that everyone create their own story (programme) in their box (TV receivers). The material involves the use of various types of ready and hand-made elements, with a special emphasis on engaging children in the creation of hand-made image solutions. During the entire duration of the festival, the exhibits produced at this workshop were shown at the entrance to the Open-Air “Borići”.


Jovan Jelisavčić – Founder and Executive Director of the Festival
Maja Šuša – Founder and Artistic Director of the Festival
Maša Seničić – Creative Director and Educational Programme Coordinator
Ognjen Glavonić – Selector of the competition programme
Nemanja Veselinović – Technical director
Vladimir Đurić – Organiser and coordinator of the technical sector
Nikola Puzigaća – Festival’s visual identity
Marko Mladenović – Photo & video team coordinator
Tijana Drakulić – Guest service manager
Nikola Vasiljević – Music programme coordinator
Boško Vujić – Assistant organiser and volunteer coordinator
Branko Mijanović – Technical department assistant

Photo & video team:
Marko Mladenović
Vladimir Đurić
Aleksandar Bubalo
Pavle Pavlović
Milica Milosavljević
Bojana Ristić