We are happy and proud to announce the jury of the ninth Bašta Fest!

The main jury consists of three members: Marta Bjelica, an actress from Serbia, Dušan Kasalica, a director from Montenegro and Lana Matić, a producer and selector and producer of the Zagreb Film Festival from Croatia. The awards will be given for: the best film (Golden Imagination) and the best male and female role (Golden Interpretation). The jury has the right to award two special mentions, as well as to divide or not award any of the prizes.

The regional award for the best camera (Golden Visualization), established at the third Bašta Fest, is awarded with the support of the rental company “Cineplanet”. The juror of the ninth Bašta Fest for this award will be Bojana Andrić, director of photography from Serbia.

MARTA BJELICA was born on June 20th, 1991. in Kruševac. In 1999, she moved with her family to Budva, where she received her primary and secondary education. In 2011, after a year of studying at the Faculty of Philology (Department of General Literature and Theory of Literature), she enrolled at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of professor Dragan Petrović Pele. In 2015, she graduated on time. In 2021, she earned her master’s degree with the play “Why the child is cooking in the polenta?”. Since 2016, she has worked as a Student Demonstrator, then as an Expert Associate, and since 2022. as an Assistant Professor in the module “Stage Movement” (Department of Acting) at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She has won numerous awards for her roles in theatre and film.

DUŠAN KASALICA is a Montenegrin director born in Nikšić. He graduated in Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, where he currently teaches as an Assistant Professor. In 2015 his short film “Biserna obala” (A Matter of Will) was awarded the Heart of Sarajevo, while “Soa” was awarded the Special Jury Award two years later, also at the Sarajevo Film Festival. He is a participant in the Berlinale Talents program and a member of Locarno Filmmakers Academy. He produced the film “Ti imaš noć” (You Have a Night), directed by Ivan Salatić, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2018. Dušan’s first feature film, “Elegija lovora” (Elegy of the Laurel), had its world premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2021. Dušan is a member of the European Film Academy.

LANA MATIĆ has a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Film Workers, the Croatian Association of Producers, and the European Film Academy. She has produced many films that have been screened and awarded at international festivals. Lana is one of the founders of the art organization Zagreb Film Festival, one of the leading festivals in the region, where she works as a producer and programmer.

BOJANA ANDRIĆ is the director of photography for fiction and documentary films and TV formats. After many short films, she made her cinematic debut with the feature film “Little Buddho”, followed by “The Samurai in Autumn”, “Love Cuts”, “Trail of the Beasts” and “Sweet Sorrow” (in post-production). She worked on the TV series “Andrija and Anđelka”, “Mama’s Sons”, “The Wrong Man”, “My Father’s Murderers”, “The Professor Mišković’s Notebook”, “In the Clinch”. Vice-President and a board member of the Serbian Society of Cinematographers, SAS. Vice-President and a board member of the IMAGO, International Federation of Cinematographers. Full member of the Imago Technical Committee, ITC. Part of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers, The ICFC. Founder of the Valjevo Cultural Network – VAKUM and member of the Board, winner of the award for the culture of the City of Valjevo 2021. Co-founder and co-programmer of Valjevo Filmski Susreti, a local film festival, which arose from the need to renovate the cinema in Valjevo and return the audience after almost a decade without permanent cinema, which has been fulfilled, and today Valjevo have a new, modern cinema.


A youth jury consisting of high school students from Bajina Bašta will be awarding its prize for the best film. The youth jury’s participation in the program encourages the critical attitude of the local youth. This year’s Youth Jury will consist of: Danijel Ristivojević, Ivana Leontijević, Nikola Ćosić, Dragana Stanojković and Luka Jakić.

DRAGANA STANOJKOVIĆ is 16 years old, she was born in Vranje, and she has been living in Bajina Bašta since she was nine years old. In her free time, she likes to dance, cook, and walk in nature. She sees herself in the future as a successful sports journalist.

IVANA LEONTIJEVIĆ is a student in the 1st grade of the Gymnasium “Josif Pančić”, socio-linguistic department. In her free time, she is involved in sports photography, mostly car races throughout Serbia. She also likes to write short reports and interviews. She prefers to watch comedies and musicals. In the following period, she would like to work as a journalist.

LUKA JAKIĆ is a third-year student at the socio-linguistic department at the “Josif Pančić” Gymnasium in Bajina Bašta. He is rather sociable. He is interested in photography. In his free time, he likes to draw. He is fascinated by Japanese culture.

DANIJEL RISTIVOJEVIĆ is a third-year high school student at the Technical School, specialising in mechanical engineering for computer construction. A great animal lover and a very sociable person. In his free time, he does graphic design and photo/video editing. In the future, he would like to develop these skills to the highest possible level.

NIKOLA ĆOSIĆ is a high school student at the Technical School, a mechanical technician for computer construction in Bajina Bašta. Above all, social and charismatic. He likes many sports and is a great lover of animals and nature.

Mentor and collaborator will be Nađa Petrović, a young playwright and the author of several highly successful short films, including “Dog Days of Summer” and “Everything in its Right Place” (both directed by Nikola Stojanovic), which we watched in previous editions of Bašta Fest.