Bašta Fest continues the old tradition – as part of the non-competition program, we close the festival with a debut achievement that (according to the Bašta team) marked the past year. At this year’s festival, on July 3rd after the awards ceremony, at our Open Air in the park “Borići”, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Ivan Bakrač’s film “After The Winter”.

Director Ivan Bakrač noted on this occasion: “I had the great pleasure of having one of my short films awarded at Bašta Fest, and the other officially open the festival. After those years when the festival was developing rapidly, I now have the honour to close this year’s program with my feature film debut. The feeling of belonging, and the fact that both the festival and I as a director have matured together, are wonderful. I was a jury member last year, so it may seem that there is simply no other role in which I can return. But Bašta Fest, because of its uniqueness, is a festival to which I will keep returning to forever, whether for a specific reason or not.”


Five small town Montenegrin childhood friends still cherish their friendship, despite being scattered all across former Yugoslavia. Over the course of one year, after a series of life-defining events, they are forced to transform their careless, escapist youth into maturity. When the winter is over, each of them will have to build their own new world.

The film is funded by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, the Film Center of Serbia, the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Film Center of Montenegro, and received the support of the European Fund – MEDIA Creative Europe. It is produced by ABHO Film and Artikulacija Film from Podgorica, co-produced with Biberche Productions and Akcija Film from Serbia, Maxima Film from Croatia and in cooperation with the French company Arizona Productions.

The film had its world premiere at one of the world’s most important festivals – the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, as part of the East of the West competition selection. Immediately after the premiere, the film was confirmed for several festivals and cinema distribution in Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia.

Starring: Momčilo Otašević, Petar Burić, Ana Vučković, Ivona Kustudić, Maja Šuša
Screenplay and direction: Ivan Bakrač
Producers: Ivan Đurović, Snežana Nikčević
Director of photography: Dušan Grubin
Editing: Nataša Pantić
Set design: Dragana Baćović
Costume: Milena Miljković
Music: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz