Bašta Fest continues the old tradition – as part of the non-competition program, we close the festival with a debut achievement that (according to the Bašta team) marked the past year. At this year’s festival, on July 2rd after the awards ceremony, at our Open Air in the park “Borići”, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Dušan Zorić and Matija’s Gluščević film “Have you seen this woman”.

On this occasion, the directors stated: “Bašta Fest is a very special festival for its energy, the creation of an intimate space for the exchange of creative ideas, but also for its unforgettable socializing. We are very glad that after our student days when we presented our short films, we are returning with feature debut. We are honoured that our film was chosen to close the jubilee festival. We sincerely hope that the audience will enjoy Draginja’s adventure.”

In the heat of a summer day, Draginja discovers a dead body that resembles her. In the heat of a summer day, Draginja hires a fake husband to show off in front of her friends. In the cold of a winter night, Draginja roams the streets hoping to recover her lost memory. Through three different life possibilities, a middle-aged woman tries to get out of her skin.