While we are preparing New Year’s gifts for the children from daycare center “Ja imam san” from Bajina Bašta, we have shared the holiday atmosphere with the children from Children’s Shelter in Belgrade and brought the theatre and cinema to their home.

On the 19th of December, in collaboration with Imlek company, Right agency, Zoom media and our dear colleague Stefan Bundalo, our friends from “Čiča Miča’s theatre” performer the play “Kamena magla” with the actors Mateja Popović, Aleksandar Ristoski, Brankica Sebastijanović, and Bogdan Bogdanović.

On the following Thursday, the 26th of December, we screened the movies that were the part of Bašta Fest’s competition programme in the previous years and that are adapted to their age – “Fluffy” by Lee Filipovski, “If the sheep were pink” by Đurđija Radivojević and “Wings and things” by Jelena Gavrilović and Stefan Đorđević.

We believe that the holidays are a great time to share love and smiles, and we got both in abundance from our dear friends from the Children’s Shelter! We must not forget to be with them and with the institutions which are in charge of them throughout the year. Thank you and see you again!