Bašta fest is continuing its old tradition – as part of non-competition film programme, the festival will be closed with a debut feature film which has (according to the opinion of Bašta team) left a mark on this past year.

This year, on July 8th, after the prize giving ceremony at our favourite location by the Perućac lake, the audience will have an opportunity to watch “BANDITS IN SEARCH OF MOM”, a film by Kosta Ristić.

Following its premiere at Belgrade International film festival (FEST), this film has won 3 awards in the selection “Serbian film” – jury award for the director Kosta Ristić, an award for the best debut for the actor Kristijan Garip, and “Milutin Čolić” award for the best film, awarded by the oldest Serbian newspaper „Politika“.


Synopsis: While  they  are  looking  for  their  mom  who  had  abandoned  them,  Christian,  Edi,  Emran  and  Sunita  enter  the  homeless  world  on  the  street  where  they  find  freedom.  They  become  members  of  a  street  pickpocket  gang,  with  two  guys,  Fatso  and  Emanuel  Ballea,  fighting  for  the  gang  leadership.  It  is  a  dead-end  street,  and  the  gang  gets  busted  by  the  police  and  put  into  a  Juvy.  Christian  evades  the  arrest  and  begins  a  lonely  adventure  in  which  he  tries  to  make  a  leap  from  the  realm  of  necessity  into  the  realm  of  freedom.

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