We present to you the poster of the tenth Bašta Fest and slogan YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING that recapitulates the previous ten years of work and development of this festival launched with great enthusiasm by young filmmakers. The program is free, places are not numbered, and nature is in its old place and is waiting for us to celebrate the beginning of summer in the most beautiful way. Get ready for four days of film, educational and music programs outdoors!

The author of the poster is Milica Milosavljević.

As part of the tenth Bašta Fest, we are presenting 29 short fiction films from 20 countries in the competition program, two off-program films as part of the closing of the festival, as well as four evenings of outdoor music programs. The audience and guests of Bašta Fest have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful nature of Tara National Park, on the shores of Perućac and Zaovina lakes and the Drina River during the day.

The director of the festival and one of the founders, Jovan Jelisavčić, said on the occasion of the tenth anniversary: “Having the first big anniversary of the festival is a feat for me. With the festival, I learned how much you have to work hard and be persistent to achieve some kind of result. Sometimes it seems minimal, but still, when you look back and bring back all the memories of the place where friendships, ideas and dreams were built, you see all the meaning of ten years of work.”

See you in Bajina Bašta from June 29 to July 2!