The tenth edition of Bašta Fest, the international short fiction film festival in Bajina Bašta, was officially closed with the awards ceremony and the screening of the films “Snow White” by Lana Barić and “Have You Seen This Woman?” by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević.

“Have you seen this woman?” film crew

The “Golden Imagination” award for the best film as a whole went to “Handstand” directed by Ovsanna Shekoyan from Armenia. In its explanation, the jury wrote that it awards the prize “for excellence in every aspect of the film work; a painful but subtle story told in layers, with a unique atmosphere, great directing, excellent camera and acting”.

The “Golden Interpretation” award for the best female role was awarded to Milica Janevski for her role of Ljiljana in the film “In Shoulders” directed by Tara Gajović from Serbia “due to her incredible transformation into a middle-aged woman and mother for whom the bar is a second home”. The jury awarded the prize for the best male role “Golden Interpretation” to the actor Oscar Petersen for his role of Officer in the film “Bergie” by the South African director Dian Weys “for masterfully subtly nuances the inner tension and struggle between the humanity in oneself and respect for the law”.

Special awards were given to the film “Mama” by Miguel Azurmendi Gomez (Spain) “for a special approach to the relationship between mother and son that humorously depicts maternal love and when that love goes against life itself”, as well as to “Funeral” by Šimun Šitum (Croatia) “because of the clever, witty and ironic portrayal of the character of the Balkan man, which is read through a relaxed attitude towards death and a subtle portrayal of hidden
emotions that emerge despite defense mechanisms”.

The main jury of the festival consisted of Radivoje Raša Andrić, a director from Serbia, Lana Barić, a director, screenwriter and actress from Croatia, and Ricard Balada, an actor from Spain.

Raša Andrić, Lana Barić, Rikard Balada

The regional award “Golden visualization” for the best camera, which is awarded with the support of Cineplanet rental, was won by Miloš Radovanović for the film “U ramenima”. The award was decided by Miloš Jaćimović, director of photography from Serbia, who explained his choice with the words: “This year’s jubilee edition of Bašta Fest was marked by a large number of films with a high level of aesthetic and superb visual expression. Since only one award must be given, this year we are supporting a film by young authors, which leans on the traditions of the Black and Romanian new wave and stood out for its visual literacy and sense of rhythm”.

The Youth Jury is made up of high school students from Bajina Bašta, which this year consisted of Đorđe Petrović, Andrija Žuža, Sonja Jovanović, Dubravka Stefanović and Anika Petrović, awarded their prize to the film “Fast Life” (France) by director Paul Rigoux “because of the criticism of the life and times that does not allow us to rest, nor to stop and think”. In the explanation of the jury, it is also stated that this is “a film that talks about the moderation and
balance that each of us needs to find in ourselves to survive, and at the same time, in a small way, it is a mirror of the everyday life of our generation.”

The Bašta Pitch jury, consisting of Pawel Kosun (Poland), Lukas Teren (Slovakia), Anja Sekulić (Montenegro) and Maja Šuša (Serbia), decided to declare The Best Pitch for the film “Death, Sea, Blue Colors” by director Milutin Milošević and producer Jelena Čeivanović from Serbia.

The Bašta Fest team also awarded the “Bašta Honour” award to the Tribalion organization for an example of a good initiative in sports and tourism, as well as for a thoughtful and well-organized event with great potential for the future.
The 10th Bašta Fest ended with the screening of the films “Snow White” by Lana Barić and “Have you seen this woman?” by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević, and it was closed by actress Ksenija Marinković and the film crew. The festival continued the tradition of dedicating the closing to a debut feature Serbian film that, in the opinion of the Bašta team, marked the previous year.