We are happy to announce that the workshop “Set design”, led by the costume and set designer Selena Orb, will be held from June 30th to July 3rd in Bajina Bašta, as part of the pre-festival programme of Bašta Fest!

Workshop “Set design” is consisted of making various spaces that have its goal to visually activate the space and enable the citizens and festival guests to use that space as the background for taking photos at the festival. The spaces that are going to be made will be esthetically different with costumes and requisites that can be used for taking photos, and themes are different film genres. Materials that are going to be used are different utility objects and parts of the furniture that can be recycled.

Workshop participants are Milena Grosin and Nađa Vukorep, students of Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, section Scene Architecture, Technic and Design, under the mentor Selena Orb.
We can’t wait to check in/at/on their future works!