The tenth edition of Bašta Fest, an international short fiction film festival in Bajina Bašta, will be held from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2023.

This manifestation, founded by actors Jovan Jelisavčić and Maja Šuša, focuses on the collaboration between directors and actors. The focus on quality acting interpretations has had a great influence on Bašta Fest positioning itself positively among short film festivals. Bašta Fest, which celebrates short films and young film authors and actors, has its first big jubilee – the tenth edition.

Balkan Short Film Network was founded in 2022. with partners from North Macedonia (Drim Short Film Festival in Struga) and Montenegro (Seanema Film Festival in Ulcinj) for the education of young film authors and promotion of short films in the region.

Bašta Fest is of great importance for the decentralization of culture since it has brought a diverse film, the musical and off programme to this beautiful region. Since its very inception, the idea was to show the incredible natural beauty of Bajina Bašta and its surroundings to a large number of visitors, but we also aspire to turn this festival into a cultural oasis, which primarily promotes local and international young artists, emphasizing short fiction films with authentic acting performances. The programme of Bašta Fest is held in the open-air and it is free for visitors.