The friendship and collaboration between Bašta Fest and our dear music duo continue! On the closing night of the festival on July 4th, after the screening of the film “Loan Shark” from 22:30h, we will watch the music film “Buč Kesidi: Euphoria Live”. This music film brings new performances of songs from the album “Euphoria” and several old hits, all on the movie screen. After performing at the sixth Bašta Fest, Buč Kesidi made a new Bašta theme for the festival this year. A short teaser is waiting for you on our Instagram, and we are sure that you will not be able to get the song out of your head during the festival days – especially if you try to guess what keyboards you can pick up in the lyrics. 🙂
What happens when Luka Racic and Zoran Zarubica, the duo of this famous band, decide to extend their booking in a famous television studio, and with a spontaneous concert make it impossible to record the commercial for “Yugodiskać”, the largest company that produces disco balls? The audience can find out in a new film “Buč Kesidi: Euphoria live” whose creators are David Jovanović and Đordje Kosić.

Designed in the form of a screened concert with an interesting plot that takes us back to the era of the ’60s and ’70s, the film will allow the audience to enjoy the concert performance of the songs that marked the album “Euphoria”. Among them is the song of the same name, which was immediately well-received by the audience, as well as “Nema ljubavi u klubu”, “Đuskanje ne pomaže”, “Nedelja ujutru”, “TIHO” and others.

The film “Buč Kesidi : Euphoria live” is directed by David Jovanović, and the co-authors of the script are David Jovanović and Đordje Kosić. The cast, in addition to the band members, consists of: Miona Markovic, Jana Bjelica, Tamara Milosevic, Nikola Pavlovic, David Jovanovic, Vladimir Jocovic, Branislav Platisa, Jovan Savic, Rajko Orlic. The producers are David Jovanović, Marija Simić and Janko Đorić.
The executive producers of the film are Relja Milanković for Bassivity Studios – a new sector within the well-known production company Bassivity and Nikola Jovanović.