As part of Bašta fest’s growing industry program (which will take place during the festival), we are introducing Bašta network initiative with film festivals from the region, Europe and the whole world. Main goals of this initiative are exchanging knowledge, ideas, film programs and projects that are closely connected to short fiction films and short filmmaking.

First step in building up this network is setting up the collaboration with FeKK Ljubljana short film festival! This festival was established by young film directors, film critics and producers from Kraken short film promotion society and has its main program focus on Ex-Yugoslavian countries. Bašta fest and FeKK share similar ideas and goals with strong emphasis on promoting young film professionals from local surroundings and wider region. This year Bašta fest is advising FeKK programmers with recommendation of Serbian short films and FeKK programmers helped Bašta fest with recommendations of Slovenian shorts. This is one of the examples how this festival network can bring wider number of good shorts to festival selectors and at the same time we were exchanging knowledge about national short film productions. So the first step has been made and in future we can expect more film festivals and more intensive collaborations with roundtables, conferences and common projects that will connect young film professionals in the region and wider.


More about FeKK: