We are happy to announce that Bašta fest will be presented in the Serbian culture centre in Istria, Pula. The first part of the program will be held today, on 12 th of June with the beginning at 20:30h and the second part on 19 th of June at the same time. The festival will be presented by our artistic director Maja Šuša. The audience will have a chance to see 8 films of young authors from the region that were part of the competition program of the last year’s Bašta fest competition program. Program is organized in collaboration with the association Incubator.

First block – 12th June, 20:30
Backwards – Nikola Zdravković, Serbia, 29’
Damaged goods – Nermin Hamzagić, BiH, 20’
Last call – Milena Grujić, Serbia, 17’
A matter of will – Dušan Kasalica, Montenegro, 24’
90’ total

Second block – 19th June, 20:30
Dawning – Tina Ščavničar, Slovenia/Serbia, 30’
Picnic – Jure Pavlović, Croatia, 13’
The city – Maša Šarović, Serbia, 12’
Hands – Jasna Nanut, Croatia, 29’
84’ total