The eighth Bašta Fest ended on July 4 at the Open-air “Borići” in Bajina Bašta with the film “Loan Shark”,
directed by Nemanja Ćeranić. After “Loan Shark”, there was a projection of the musical film “Buč Kesidi:
Euphoria Live” directed by David Jovanović.

Jovan Jelisavčić, Founder and director of the festival

During the three days of the festival, the audience and the jury had the opportunity to watch 30 films
from 21 countries in the competition programme and 4 films in the non-competition.
The jury consisting of Branka Katić, actress, Ivan Bakrač, director from Montenegro and Asja Krsmanović,
playwright and programmer of the Sarajevo Film Festival made the following decisions:
Award for the best film “Golden Imagination” – “Marlon Brando” by Dutch director Vincent Tilanus

Vincent Tilanus

Award for the best male role “Golden Interpretation” – Igor Benčina, for the role of Dušan, in the film
“The Last Image of Father”, directed by Stefan Đorđević.

Igor Benčina

This year, two awards were given for the best female role “Golden Interpretation” – to Jelena Stupljanin
for the role of Jovana, and to Anita Ognjanović for the role of Sara in the film “Everything in its Right
Place”, by Serbian director Nikola Stojanović.

Jelena Stupljanin
Anita Ognjanović

Special award – for the screenplay to Nađa Petrović, for the Serbian film “Everything in its Right Place”,
directed by Nikola Stojanović.

Milica Cvetković, Nađa Petrović

Special award – for roles in the films “Prom night” and “Bonkers” to actor Pavle Čemerikić.

Maja Šuša, Igor Benčina, Pavle Čemerikić

The youth jury consisting of Tijana Spasojević, Nemanja Jovanović, Vanja Jevtić chose “Red Wine”, by
Canadian director Santiago Menghini, as the best film.
Mikša Anđelić, director of photography, decided on the regional award for the best camera: The award
for the best camera “Golden Visualization”, provided by Cineplanet rental, was given to Milica Cvetković
for the domestic film “Bonkers” directed by Luka Mihailović.
This year, the second Bašta Pitch was held, and the commission consisting of the artistic director of the
festival Maja Šuša and the mentors of the workshop, director Raško Miljković and producer Milan
Stojanović, chose the project “Cvat” by the young director Tamara Broćić.

Tamara Broćić
Bašta Festa jury
Bašta Fest team