The main programme consists of short feature films, chosen by the festival’s selectors, Film director Nikola Ljuca and Artistic Director Maja Šuša. The competition programme has 20-25 films divided into six blocks. All screenings are free and most of the programmes are held outdoors at three locations: in Borići Park in the city centre, on the shores of Perućac Lake and at the “Vlaja” cinema. Because we want to support young artists, the awards are not only statuettes (symbol of the festival – conifer cone) but also money prizes. Awards are handed out for: Best Film (Golden Imagination), Best Director (Golden Indication), Best Actor and Best Actress (Golden Interpretation), Best Screenplay (Golden Inspiration), two special awards, as well as the Youth Jury Award for Best Film (the youth jury consists of high-school students from Bajina Bašta). In 2016, with the support of the rental house “Cineplanet”, the award for Best Camera (Golden Visualization) was introduced. The award consists of renting equipment in the amount of 3000 euros for the next short film by the young director of photography, which should be used in the next year.


U okviru revijalnog programa, prikazuje se film zatvaranja, debitantski dugometražni film iz zemlje ili regiona, koji je, po mišljenju selektora, obeležio proteklu godinu.


Bašta Fest is a short narrative film festival. We are interested in strong and complex characters, powerful stories, and visual innovation. Every genre is welcome, every intimate and provocative story is something we crave. The budget is not important, it is just an aesthetic solution if there is real talent behind it all.

Nikola Ljuca, programmer