The audience of the Bašta Fest is made up of an unusually large number of children, which is why the festival’s team recognized the need for an accompanying educational programme. It consists of several film and art workshops for elementary and high school students. The author of the art workshops was Selena Orb (costume designer and production designer): Box – packaging imagination and Remake. Film workshops To cut it short, short film, Mini Film and Critical Camp (film criticism workshop for high school students from all over Serbia) were implemented in cooperation with the organization for education in the field of audiovisual culture and art Filmkultura. Elementary school students from Bajina Bašta, gathered in accordance with their interests, represent a group of tenacious and curious participants of workshops, which encourage the creative potential of children within audiovisual arts. The idea is to provide useful information about the creative and filmmaking process through this type of approach to youth, as well as to provide them with space for uninhibited expression. The works they created during the Remake and Box – packaging imagination workshops were exhibited in the form of an installation during the first and second editions of the festival, and short films produced as a result of the workshops To cut it shortshort film were shown at the closing of the second and third Bašta Fest.

While preparing the fourth edition of the festival 2017, Bašta Fest’s team recognized that one of the biggest problems of the contemporary film was a lack of serious criticism, especially in the world of short films. Critical camp is conceived as a workshop of film criticism that takes place during the festival, and the idea is to raise awareness of criticism, and above all to initiate critical thinking among young people. Critical camp in the two years hosted groups of high school students from all over Serbia who, with the help of a mentor and in agreement with him, wrote on a daily basis reviews of films shown in the competition selection. Lectures are, therefore, interactive and in the form of a dialogue, and participants are expected to be open, committed, ready to write and rewrite. The reviews are going to be published on the Critical Camp website, further shared on social networks, and printed in the form of a newsletter distributed at festival locations. Translation into English is also planned because of the international character of Bašta Fest, as well as foreign participants and guests from different speaking areas. In this way, the short films will receive the publicity it deserves, and authors will have the opportunity to face a sharp and fresh critical mind. The special advantage of this kind of work is that the participants of the workshop are in touch with the directors who are visiting the festival, which creates the possibility of exchange and direct contact.

On the sixth Bašta fest (2019), costume and set designer Selena Orb led the workshop “Set design” for students of Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, section Scene Architecture, Technic, and Design. Workshop “Set design” was consisted of making various spaces that had its goal to visually activate the space and enable the citizens and festival guests to use that space as the background for taking photos at the festival.