Every morning (except on the first day of the festival) at 10.30 a.m. Coffee with authors whose films are in the programme (and whose film was shown the previous evening) is held at the “Bašta” cafe in the city centre. The essence of this thematic gathering is to delve into topics of crucial importance for a short film, as well as to provide the audience a unique opportunity to get to know the directors in addition to their work, all in an informal atmosphere.

The daily programme of Bašta Fest is oriented towards the poetic and inspirational nature of Bajina Bašta and its surroundings, which is why we are organizing daily trips to the most interesting parts of this region. Our goal was to create something different, a casual programme which brings the guests closer together by feeding their adventurous spirit and which also represents networking for the present authors as well as their entertainment. By being close to each other during the entire festival, the guests have the opportunity to experience a unique all-day film experience.

The morning after the opening of Bašta Fest, we start the programme with a boat tour of the canyon of Perućac Lake (which is the third deepest canyon in the world). On the next day of the festival, we visit Zaovine Lake, located in the midst of wonderful conifers on the mountain Tara at 892m above sea level. This lake is also suitable for swimming, and there is nothing but nature on its shores. On the last day, we round off our picnicking by a wonderful day on the board of the river Drina!